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Lean Practices

To more effectively manage projects while providing the highest quality services, Alexander has become an industry leader in the implementation of Lean Construction methods. We pride ourselves in our ability to provide an integrated project experience where we minimize the waste of materials, time and effort while providing maximum value to the Owner. We continuously look to improve our already-successful methods to dramatically improve the safety, quality and efficiency of the projects we manage.


The CM team, as well as the design team and various subcontractors, are co-located in a "Collaboration Hub" where daily interaction ensures real-time planning, problem solving and mitigates issues before they arise. An important aspect of the Hub is the instant access to and communication with all team members through shared technology. Easy access to the BIM model, web-based shared document review, and electronic review of submittals fosters a collaborative process which saves time and eliminates misinformation.


Last Planner and Pull Planning allow for more accurate scheduling during construction. Using these techniques, we get our subcontractors involved early in order to devise a schedule that best meets their availability while also keeping the project on track. This often results in days shaved off the schedule without sacrificing the quality of the project.


Utilizing the Just-in-Time concept, our project teams coordinate more efficiently with subcontractors and suppliers to ensure that project materials are delivered at the exact moment and place needed. This saves laydown space on the site while also maximizing work efficiency which helps move the project along smoothly. Prefabrication of interior building assemblies and exterior wall systems is also utilized where possible.


We apply a guiding principle of "Lean Design and Construction" where the expenditure of resources not contributing value to the owner are deemed wasteful and thus eliminated. We create a decision-making process for the client team based upon the review of alternative solutions and options which facilitates owner decisions with a clear understanding of the potential costs and value.


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