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Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) Principles

Our underlying success is predicated upon our collaborative and integrated philosophy which focuses on the formation and management of dedicated, experienced teams that work as a unified partnership. The Alexander team acts as the "facilitator" on our projects - seeking as much commentary, feedback, and collaboration from key stakeholders for key project issues as possible. We strive to encourage creativity, candor, conflict resolution, and the development of truly pragmatic optimal solutions.

We facilitate an integrated approach on all of our projects implementing collaborative and Lean techniques during planning, design, construction, occupancy and operation.

The Alexander integrative process differs from the conventional, linear, design process in many ways. Most importantly we will facilitate input from all team members throughout design and construction and introduce each project participant at the earliest logical phase of the project. This includes procurement of specialty contractors on a best value selection process during the design phase of the project.


Team building sessions with all parties are conducted at the outset of our projects. The roles and responsibilities of all parties and individuals are articulated and agreed upon.


Initial "visioning" sessions are conducted for information gathering and brain-storming on goals, concerns and ideas for the project.


When applicable, we use design assist to improve quality and maintain cost by engaging specialty subcontractors early in the process on key elements of the project. It is most commonly used for design-build or CM-at-risk projects.


Co-location of the construction manager, Owner and architect can provide extra value on a project and help foster communication between the major parties. When applicable, Alexander will look to find ways to house all relevant project team members in one trailer. Co-locating the project team further encourages constant communication and speed of decision-making and identifying resolutions to any issues.


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