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Posted - May 26, 2020
InnovativeThe Manager of Innovative Solutions will serve as the champion in leading, coaching, teaching and mentoring our teams with the implementation of innovative solutions across the Butz Family of Companies (BFC). This includes initiatives such as lean methods, new technologies, team health and other solutions that continue to set our companies apart within the region while elevating the value added to our clients and projects.

This position will work closely and under the guidance of the Director of Strategic Initiatives to evaluate industry methods that coincide with our company's culture of continuous improvement. This position's focus is to continually seek new solutions that bring value to our project delivery.

This role will develop an education and training program that enables all BFC employees to further embrace the innovative solutions that add value to our projects. This position will work closely with our project teams in starting their lean journey or other solutions that enhance our team's collaborative cultures. This role will guide our teams through the implementation of new technologies on our projects. This role will assess the current processes used in delivering our services and strive to improve and standardize methods across the enterprise.

Focus of Role

  1. Teach and mentor teams with the implementation of Lean Methods
  2. Advance the use of Technology as part of our project delivery
  3. Introduce Team Health concepts that focus on the Culture of our project teams
Skill Sets
  1. Technical expertise – it's essential for this position to have a firm understanding of the processes implemented within our industry in order to analyze areas for improvement
  2. Organizational skills – this position will spearhead both the planning and implementation of new innovations used across The Butz Family of Companies so they must be organized and able to lead teams
  3. Leadership mindset – this role is a coach and needs to have a leadership mindset to inspire team members with implementing change and new innovative methods
  4. Mindset of curiosity – this person needs to be intrigued with continually learning, analyzing and researching new solutions that are introduced within the design and construction industry
  5. Analytical thinking – this position needs to be able to critically evaluate processes and projects, then synthesize their insights to arrive at a summary of areas for improvement with recommended solutions
  6. Communication skills – this person should have strong speaking, written and listening skills as this role will often hold presentations, facilitate meetings and trainings.
Roles & Responsibilities
  1. Lead our Enterprise Innovation Committee (includes Technology and Lean Sub-Committees) on further enhancing the programs that enable BFC to be an industry leader in innovation. The Innovation Committee will serve as a resource to the Manager of Innovative Solutions.
  2. Champion an education program for all innovative solutions, technologies and lean methods under the guidance of the Director of Strategic Initiatives across the BFC.
  3. Serve as a consultant and co-lead alongside enterprise leaders on a variety of project teams in helping to launch innovative, technology and lean solutions on our projects.
  4. Evaluate processes utilized across the enterprise and each office location and develop methods for improvement by developing standards across the enterprise.
  5. Serve as a coach and mentor while facilitating lean trainings, new technology workshops and sessions across the enterprise or with specific project teams
  6. Continually evaluate new solutions including lean methods, new technologies, team cultures or other solutions used across our industry and analyze how our enterprise may incorporate those methods into our project teams.
  7. Participate directly with our teams during the pursuit of new clients or project opportunities.
  1. Lead and mentor BFC project teams with the implementation of lean on projects across the enterprise by developing standards for our project teams.
  2. Develop programs that focus on team culture, team integration and team health that enhance the delivery of our projects.
  3. Assist in developing the culture of continuous improvement throughout the entire enterprise including project teams, field operations and core services departments.
  1. Work closely with our team's on developing standards and templates for the implementation of technology within our project teams.
  2. Lead and mentor BFC project teams with the implementation of the already established BFC Virtual Design and Construction (VDC) Execution Plan.
  3. Evaluate and implement continuous improvements to the BFC VDC Execution Plan.
Expectations of Position
  1. Develop/continuously improve guides or templates to assist in the implementation of lean methods and VDC technologies on project teams across the enterprise of companies
  2. Develop a structure to serve as a consultant on projects for implementing lean and VDC on their projects
  3. Develop a structure to guide a Lean and VDC Champion at each office location that this role would mentor in furthering each office’s lean and VDC journey
  4. Create an enterprise wide training program that offers BFC employees the opportunity to obtain internal lean, VDC or other certifications.
  5. Develop systems, templates and tools that can assist our project teams in implementing all innovative solutions use by our project teams.
  6. Work with the innovation committee to standardize tools that are evaluated by the committee (or clusters) and develop methods to share solutions across the enterprise.
  7. Actively engage with the Mid-Atlantic LCI Community of Practice, COAA – PA, PACE or other organizations that will expose this person to new solutions within our industry.
  8. Develop metrics that will monitor progress and check if changes are yielding desirable results. Establish measurable standards and then compare actual results and regularly generate detailed reports.
  9. Create a structure to guide a Lean Champion and a Technology Lead at each of the BFC locations and develop a communications cadence to work closely with those individuals in advancing these or other innovative solutions at their respective offices.
Expectations of Potential Candidate
Candidates will ideally have a minimum of 5 years of experience in design, engineering, construction or process engineering related fields. It's desired, but not required that candidate would have experience in process improvement, implementation of lean methods, six sigma or otherwise. The candidate will be well versed and experienced in new technologies utilized in the design, engineering or construction field. The ideal candidate will have a bachelors degree in design, engineering, construction, business or other related fields.


Please send resume, cover letter with salary requirements to butzresume@butz.com. Equal Opportunity Employer.


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